Powder Coating Update

Here is the gravity racer with the brand new powder coating done by PowerPark autos in Banbury!! Check them out, they did and amazing and professional job!

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Update – Week 26

Up to now the team has made excellant progress!!

The perspex and carbon fibre canopy has been completed and fits perfect into the racer. We have also nearly completed all the aluminium bodywork, as well as some carbon fibre panels as well. Soon we will be ready to paint this and the colour scheme is still being decided on.

Next week we are testing the racer on the 1 in 4 ramp to check the brakes hold and will also start tests on braking at higher speeds then before.

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Build Diary – Week 18+19

This week the team completed all the braking system. We focussed in the workshop lessons and using drawings and the components we manufactured the last few months assembled and welded all the brakes up. We then added new brake pads, brake cables, new brake outers and joined it all together. Then we took the racer outside and spent half an hour road testing it. This included loading the racer with weight, testing it at speeds and adjusting the brakes accordingly to enhance the braking performance.

We are planning next week to test it again then get the whole racer ready for powdercoating in the next few weeks.

Week 17 – Build Diary

This week we managed to get the racer onto the road again. We focused during the workshop lesson on completing the seat mountings which included drilling and mounting the frame and bolting the seat on. Joe and George focused on getting this complete and arranging the 5 point harnass we have got hold of. At the same time me and Luke moved on with the brakes. We completed one side of the mounting system and attached one set of vee brakes. However we encountered difficulty with the brake cables and how to incorporate them into the dual lever on the steering wheel. We ran out of time to set them up so will concentrate on them next week.

Next we took the racer outside and me and George took it in turns to test the racer. We loaded it with weight to check the strength of the frame, then tested it through a makeshift chicanes to check the steering. We didnt encounter any problems and now decided that next week we will complete the brakes and get the chassis ready for powdercoating.

This great progress sets us  in good shape to make a start on the bodywork in a few weeks time which is where we want to be on our time schedule.

Build Diary – Week 15+16

In the new year, the team have pushed on with the racer and we are pleased to say we have conducted our first road test.

We completed the front end, steering, and rear end, aswell as fabricating the floor pan and welding it on. We then added the carbon fibre seat we where given and attached it to the racer complete with a safe 5 point racing harness. We are spending most the week now drawing up further components on Solidwords 3D Cad, this is things such as aerofoil wishbone covers. We are also drawing up the chassis ready to design some aerodynamic bodywork. The brakes have been designed and we have manufacured 60% of them, they just need further finihsing and mounting. This will hopefuly be done in the next 2 weeks.

At the end of today we fully assembled the racer and put it on the floor. The steering works with great effect and the adjustable ride height will be a welcome addition when we set it up for race day. We then took it in turns to push it around the car park. This showed us the effectivness of the steering and the minimal rolling resistance we have got which is great.

All good news and much more to come when we complete the brakes. IMG_0305 IMG_0306 IMG_0307 IMG_0311

Build diary – Week 14

The deadline for christmas for the team has come, and overall we have made great progress. The front end assembly and rear end is completely done, just the finishing touches need to be added to the brakes before we can officially test run the racer in the carpark. We started looking at seating arrangments on the racer, with the addition of a carbon fibre bucket seat for the driver.

After christmas we will finish the brakes, develop the steering further, set up the suspension geomtry and then test drive it. After this we can powdercoat and look at bodywork further.

We have started to design aero-dynamic body work to 3d print for the wishbones aswell, and this is something that will be developed further in January 2015

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